Management Solutions

Infrastructure Management Solutions :
Provide efficient, end-to-end business service by proactively alerting and historically reporting event management for the components of IT enterprise infrastructure. Designed for network and systems administrators, as well as service desk personnel, these solutions automatically monitor and resolve problems and notify IT staff of appropriate actions. Zensoft IT Infrastructure Management solutions ensure service-level compliance and provide business service customers with access, availability, and performance.

Small Business Solutions :
Comprised of businesses across the country, they are simultaneously the leading source of job creation and innovation. Pretty impressive statistics, but when it comes to small business IT services, the track record of most firms is anything but. Inflexible, unsophisticated, limited, and expensive are just a few of the common complaints small business owners have about the IT consulting firms they come across. But with Zensoft IT, small businesses finally have a partner that can match quality advice and extensive technical savvy with quality service.

As one of the fastest growing business and technology consulting firms, there are few companies as large or as experienced as Zensoft IT in providing the right combination of people, processes and systems to meet all your IT needs. And when combined with an affordable price point developed specifically for small businesses, you get that elusive benefit called VALUE that many other technology firm's lack.

Zensoft IT small business solutions are designed to serve as a single source solution provider allowing our clients to plan, build and manage all their computing and information technology needs with us. We understand that as a small business owner you need more than just a software technician to install new hardware or software and then walk out the door. That's why the core of all our small business solutions is structured around robust and refined processes that ensure that technology investments align with business goals. To have the peace of mind that every technology investment you make is working towards improving your bottom line, Zensoft IT is your clear choice.

Applications Management Solutions :
address the business challenges facing IT managers of every organization. Zensoft IT provides solutions that organize, prioritize, measure, and improve delivery of application portfolios in support of changing enterprise circumstances. The best practices, technology, and derived metrics of Applications Management solutions allow organizations to bring a holistic view to their continuing application portfolio management.

IT Strategy Planning & Deployment Solutions :
We specialize in planning, facilitating, and documenting IT goals and objectives. We create opportunities for competitive advantage, key performance indicators, and IT strategies that address technology. We strive to deliver structured IT strategy approaches/plans, documented objectives, key performance indicators, and program/project overviews.

Strategy & Execution Management Solutions :
Deliver innovative and tailored solutions to serve your business needs. Our consultants design technology solutions that empower your IT strategy, organization, business, and technology processes. Our consultants make sure that project deadlines and programs are on time and budget.

Project Management:
We manage multiple business automation projects and programs using a structured and proven strategy. Our automation tools vary, based on the technology analysis. Documented project plans and scope definitions are the key factors in project management. Teaming proper reporting mechanisms along with organized status reports allows you to establish excellent communications with your internal IT staff.

Enterprise Business Solutions:
is a foundation for any business capability is solid enterprise architecture. Within any information technology (IT) organization, enterprise architecture is therefore a key feature of efficient and effective IT operations.

Enterprise Architecture is the master blueprint from which information technology can enable a dynamic business environment. It defines the vision, principles, standards and road map that guide the selection, deployment, operation, protection and refreshment of Technologies within an organization. Technology operations risks steadily grow if appropriate investment is lacking. Only sustained, long-term commitment to enterprise architecture leads to a flexible, cost effective information technology environment.

In addition, our well-planned enterprise architecture integrates information technology with business capabilities to provide a cohesive operating environment thus assisting the business to drive high performance.

However, when operational and budget constraints result in incremental and disparate improvements to the architecture with no specific end vision in mind, the foundation cracks and organizations are fail to achieve the desired efficiency and effectiveness improvements.

Business Operation Management Solutions:
Serve a large, loyal user base and a growing list of new customers. These solutions span industry verticals and organizations of all sizes. The breadth and depth of the integrated Operations Management portfolio combined with unmatched levels of expertise ensures a successful transition for customers in the areas of Enterprise Workload Management and IT Workload Automation. Our diverse portfolio includes solutions to enable, plan, automate, and deliver enterprise workloads.

We also make the most challenging IT environments easier to manage. Zensoft IT provides a comprehensive portfolio of market leading product solutions in all key facets within operations management. Our solutions simplify both the complex day-to-day and longer-range operational tasks for operations decision makers and IT administrators.